Welcome to the homepage of the CashModel spreadsheet program. Download a free version of the CashModel here and get directions on modifying it for any business. Check out the blog for news about the CashModel and engage in general discussions about financial planning and analysis. Fun stuff!


  • Outfitted out of the box with 90 periods, three customizable scenarios, and a set of lightweight analytical tools for comparing scenarios.
  • Integrated macro procedure that calculates cash, debt, interest, and taxes by period and slots them into the proper financial statement lines.
  • Back end data table that saves every line item in a standard format for analytical purposes and integration with most CPM tools. Archive up to 50 scenarios.
  • Easy to understand graphical user interface and adherence to spreadsheets standards. Documentation is being added daily.
  • Extendable in any number of ways (more periods, more line items) with minimal effort.